Install PHP APC extension from sources

How to compile the PHP APC extension for your php version

Used operating system: Ubuntu 14.04

There are few steps to follow until you will have your APC extension up and running for your particular PHP version:

  • Download the latest version of APC
  • Extract files and identify the default values for following parameters PHP Extension,
    Zend Extension using phpize
  • If you are running more then one version on the same machine you will need to configure the compilation with the target version of php
  • In my case I used this command to configure the compilation
  • if everything worked ok then you can compile your extension make && make install
  • The last step is to enable and configure your extension in the php.ini file (echo “” > /etc/php.d/apc.ini)
  • Restart php service

You can read here a performance benchmark report here on the same subject.