Performance fix for EAV module

This module is a performance fix for all community and enterprise versions before Community 1.9 edition.

Since I worked for a store having a very complex products (with a large numbers of attributes and large scale of values), I discovered that Magento has a performance bottleneck on product listing page and product page.

By having a closer look to the class Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Source_Table you can observe that getOptionText method use

 $options = $this->getAllOptions(false);

for getting all records in database and then filter them like this:

  foreach ($options as $item) {
            if ($item['value'] == $value) {
                return $item['label'];

This module will be useful for Magento shops with products with a large numbers of attributes or/and large scale of values.

Download the module here