Magento – BNR currency import module for RON

Automatically currency rate import for RON currency in your Magento e-commerce

You can download here:

Or you can create your own currency import module following the next instructions, it is very simple:

Build your own Magento e-commerce – currency rate import extension

  1. declare your currency import model in etc/config.xml file
                            <name>BNR RON</name>
  2. Next, in the Bb_Bnr_Model_Currency_Import_Bnr class definition extend the class  Mage_Directory_Model_Currency_Import_Abstract 
  3. This class have to implement the function  protected function _convert($currencyFrom, $currencyTo, $retry=0). This function has to return the currency rate between “currencyFrom” and “currencyTo” as float.