How to enable SSL certificate on Nginx

First of all you have to check if your webserver version supports ssl. If ssl is not enabled in your server read more here If SSL module is installed in your nginx instance then you have more few simple steps to follow. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generate private key Login into the server by […]

Recompile Nginx on production environement

In case you don’t have an Nginx cluster or you are not powered in a cloud base infrastructure then recompiling the webserver may be a tricky job. If you are in one of the described situation you can setup all instances one by one having a stable platform. Even so of course you can recompile […]

Compile Nginx from source

Probably you are setting a virtual host on one of cloud providers. Read here few references on cloud computing provides Configure nginx with extra modules First step in order to obtain needed features you have to think about which modules of nginx you will be using. Read Nginx documentation and download all dependencies. For example […]