How to enable SSL certificate on Nginx

First of all, you have to check if your webserver version supports SSL. If SSL is not enabled in your server read more here If the SSL module is installed in your Nginx instance then you have a few simple steps to follow. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generate private key Login into the server […]

Find in files – translations texts

Use case Follow this article if you want to locate multiple occurrences of a string in a folder using a regular expression pattern.  Find all occurrence of pattern Using the following code in the Linux command line you will copy all occurrence of the given pattern in a temporary file find ./ -name ‘*.*’ -exec grep […]

Magento – BNR currency import module for RON

Automatically currency rate import for RON currency in your Magento e-commerce You can download here: Or you can create your own currency import module following the next instructions, it is very simple: Build your own Magento e-commerce – currency rate import extension declare your currency import model in etc/config.xml file <global> <currency> <import> <services> <bnr> <name>BNR […]