Manage RDS instances with AWS CLI


Why do you need to use RDS CLI?

There are some actions that you may want to execute on your instance but you are not allowed to make from the web interface:

  • change the parameters group

Install RDS CLI tools

To be able to use RDS CLI tool you have to install Java, download RDS CLI tool and configure few environment variables.

All configuration steps are listed here:

As shown in the related article if the command

rds --help

is working then the CLI tools was successfully installed.

RDS CLI usage

As you already completed the configuration steps (very important: don’t forget to set the path to your credentials to be able to use any further commands).


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 rds-modify-db-instance DBInstanceIdentifier --db-parameter-group-name fp-param-group --region eu-west-1

DBInstanceIdentifier – This is the unique key that identifies a DB instance. Stored as a lowercase string. This is provided at instance creation time, or modified later, and can be found at the beginning of instance Endpoint.

Very important:  If you are not providing the –region parameter the CLI will use the default region, and can return the wrong results.