Cloud computing providers overview and nice cloud features

When it comes to scaling your application (PHP or no matter what languages or technologies) of course you are looking to optimize the software part, but of course, the hardware is important too.

Even if you are a start-up or a big business  you can optimize your monthly cost or performance using the right solution.


  • Digital ocean is a nice service but there are a few week points:
    1. you can not attach additional storage for virtual machines
    2. there are no other services you can use, the virtual machine will be everything you have
  • Amazon AWS
    1. there are a lot of interesting features you can use and managed services, this will be a big plus
    2. all services I used until now worked perfectly
    3. flexible management tools
  • Azure
    1. a lot of features and services
    2. managed services
    3. personally, I encountered a lot of problems with virtual machines performances on Azure
    4. few of the problems were resolved


  • Digital ocean it is cheaper and offers a very good performance
  • AWS I think it has the best features/price score I tested until now
  • Azure – I think I need to test it more until I will show my opinion.

In conclusion, I will recommend the next cloud computing providers in a few use cases:

  • Digital Ocean, if you are developing a small project and you are not needing advanced cloud computing features. It is not flexible on storage service
  • Amazon AWS, best for ambitious projects, full feature cloud computing service