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PHP custom session handler changes in PHP7

If you are using a custom session handler probably you noticed this kind of issue when you upgraded to PHP7, else keep this information in mind since in the PHP documentation it is not really clear at the moment of writing this article. Since PHP 5 this changes affected custom session handler implementation: The read method […]

How to enable SSL certificate on Nginx

First of all you have to check if your webserver version supports ssl. If ssl is not enabled in your server read more here If SSL module is installed in your nginx instance then you have more few simple steps to follow. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generate private key

Generate the CSR


Recompile Nginx on production environement

In case you don’t have an Nginx cluster or you are not powered in a cloud base infrastructure then recompiling the webserver may be a tricky job. If you are in one of the described situation you can setup all instances one by one having a stable platform. Even so of course you can recompile […]

Upgrade MySql 5.5 to 5.6 on Ubuntu 14.04

If you are already using MySql 5.5 and some new applications is requiring a newer version you can proceed a upgrade with the following steps Check if there is available a binary version for your operating system If you are using Ubuntu14.04 there is available a Mysql 5.6 version. If not, you have to register […]

Install PHP 7 and xdebug for development environement

PHP 7 was released Compile PHP 7 from source for development environement

Install xdebug from sources, since there is no available binaries compatible with PHP7 Download xdebug source archive Unzip the source code Check the PHP version /opt/php7/bin/phpize configure the compile process with this php version ./configure –with-php-config=/opt/php7/bin/php-config make make install Add the extension to […]

E-commerce platforms battle, benchmark and quality report

This article is focused on open-source online commerce platforms, most of them form PHP world. Famous e-commerce platform vs new technologies If you are here probably you want to start an online store and you are not 100% decided what will be the best platform you can use.  We are talking here just about open-source […]

Cloud-based Infrastructure for Black Friday

Earn more money during sales campaigns using cloud-based solution During the largest online sales events of the year all retailers are very excited to sell as much as they can sell. But what if the online platform is not able to support such amount of traffic. It is your website ready for Black Friday? Few advantages […]

Compile Nginx from source

Probably you are setting a virtual host on one of cloud providers. Read here few references on cloud computing provides Configure nginx with extra modules First step in order to obtain needed features you have to think about which modules of nginx you will be using. Read Nginx documentation and download all dependencies. For example […]

Cloud computing providers overview and nice cloud features

When it comes to scale your application (PHP or no mater what languages or technologies) of course you are looking to optimize software part, but of course the hardware it is important. Even if you are a start-up or a big business  you can optimize your monthly cost or performance using the right solution. Features […]

Configure Zend Opcache extension for PHP

Zend Opcache extension installation If you want to speedup your PHP application maybe you are looking for a PHP accelerator such APC cache. Since PHP 5.5 there is another option for caching Opcodes (details): Zend OpCache extension If you are using PHP 5.5.0 and later Zend Opcache extension may be compiled with PHP, you have […]

Install PHP APC extension from sources

How to compile the PHP APC extension for your php version Used operating system: Ubuntu 14.04 There are few steps to follow until you will have your APC extension up and running for your particular PHP version: Download the latest version of APC

Extract files and identify the default values for following parameters PHP […]

Find in files – translations texts

Use case Follow this article if you want to locate multiple occurrences of a string in a folder using a regular expression pattern.  Find all occurrence of pattern Using following code in linux command line you will copy all occurrence of the given pattern in a temporary file

Process the found parts Using a simple text […]

Manage RDS instances through AWS CLI

Introduction Why do you need to use RDS CLI? There are some actions that you may be want to execute on your instance but you are not allowed to make from web interface: change the parameters group Install RDS CLI tools To be able to use RDS CLI tool you have to install Java, download […]

Use more then one PHP version in Nginx

In many cases probably you need to have different PHP version on the same machine and using it on different domains. Install PHP You can install PHP versions by downloading already compiled package or you can compile your own (with personalized configuration – quick php compile & install guide). Personally, I prefer for development machines to […]

Install PHP 5.x from repository on Ubuntu

Install build tool Here are detailed steps for installing compile tool for ubuntu. Install dependencies In most cases quite a lot of dependencies will be missing. You can install most of them using next command

Compile and install PHP Clone the PHP repository

Choose the version of php you want to compile and […]

Magento – BNR currency import module for RON

Automatically currency rate import for RON currency in your Magento e-commerce You can download here: Or you can create your own currency import module following next instructions, it is very simple: Build your own Magento ecommerce – currency rate import extension declare your currency import model in etc/config.xml file

Next, in the Bb_Bnr_Model_Currency_Import_Bnr class definition extend the […]